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Each state has its own rules and guidelines in accordance with the said law. Regardless of which state you are in, the first step in trying to access public records is to know the right office to approach. So if you wish to obtain copies of Georgia Public Records, the Vital Records Office is the best place for you to start with.

The Vital Records Office, which is under Georgia?s Division of Public Health, keeps all the important public records and is in-charge of processing and releasing requests for viewing and copies. Georgia law allows individuals to view and copy the public records, although some state laws clearly state certain exemptions. Different procedures and requirements need to be considered when accessing public records.

Birth and death certificates that are filed in the Vital Records Office date back to January 1919. The death records are open to anyone, while birth records can only be accessed after submitting a signed request form. In addition, only the individuals named on the records are allowed instant access, along with their parents, grandparents, spouse, child, and authorized legal guardian. This is why before being allowed to get hold of the birth record, you (as the requestor) will need to indicate your relationship to the person on the record, as well as submit a copy of your photo ID. The fee for every birth and death record is $25.

Marriage records that were filed from June 9, 1952 up to 1996 are also found at the Vital Records Office. Those dated earlier or later can be accessed in the county where the marriage took place. The request should be addressed to the Probate Judge. An important note, though: only the bride and groom are allowed to obtain a certified copy. There is also a $10 payment for every record found at the Vital Records Office, while the fees in the counties vary. The same amount is to be paid for each divorce record that you get from the office. Additionally, the divorce files at the records office also date back to June 9, 1952. However, the office does not issue certified copies as it only does search and verification. In other words, you will only be the date and county where it was granted. If you need certified copies, your request will be forwarded to the Clerk of Superior Court of the county indicated in the Vital Records Office verification. It can be a tedious process, but rules are rules. This is why a lot of people choose to look for complete divorce records by doing an Online Public Records Search.

Independent online record providers are trained and dedicated to help you obtain copies of vital documents like Georgia Public Records. They have their own database, which is often more comprehensive than those of the state offices?. They also have a faster and more efficient search method, which means better chances for positive results. Finally, no complex procedures and requirements are needed, and the fee is absolutely minimal. Majority ask for a one-time payment in exchange for limited access to public records.

Using the services of online providers for Online Public Records Search will give you what you want, when you want them. That?s 100% excellent service for you. So, what else are you waiting for? Go and find an online record provider now and watch yourself smile with complete satisfaction.